The Secret in the Clouds

The Secret in the Clouds, beautifully written by Ron Sachs, a nationally respected communications consultant, and his wife Gay Webster-Sachs, a licensed mental health counselor, features an uplifting story that aims at helping children everywhere cope with the loss of a loved one.

“We dedicate the book to all children, whose sights ought to be uplifted with hope, imagination, love, beauty, inspiration, and faith in today and tomorrow.”
Ron and Gay Webster-Sachs

Big Bend Hospice Foundation is honored to be part of this lasting gift of hope, and we are truly grateful for the Sachs’ overwhelming support.


Tuesday, April 13th
Hosted by Hearth & Soul

Special guests include:

  • Wendy Walker & Mark Haney
  • Laura & Sam Rogers
  • Dr. Frank & Mary Lisa Gredler 
  • Berneice Cox & Gary Yordon
  • Mimi Graham & Don Hinkle
  • Katrina Rolle
  • Mallory & Mike Harrell
  • Michelle Ubben

Ron and Gay Webster-Sachs will be featured at the upcoming Word of South festival taking place the weekend of April 10th & 11th. Visit to learn more!

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