We all grieve in our own way and in our own time.

Our Bereavement Services are an integral part of the hospice program.

After a hospice patient’s death, we continue to provide bereavement support to grieving families. All members of the family are eligible to receive services for a period of 13 months following the patient’s death.

There are additional services offered to anyone, regardless of whether their loved one received our hospice services. These include:

  • Camp-Woe-Be-Gone
  • Teen-Woe-Be-Gone
  • Six-Week Grief Groups in many of our Counties
  • Hope for the Holidays
  • Feast of Remembrance
  • Lighting the Darkness
  • Monthly Suicide Loss Support Group

To learn more about our currently available groups, CLICK HERE

If you’d like to speak with someone today, please contact us at (850) 878-5310 or 24/7, toll free at (800) 772-5862.

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