Appreciating the Faith of Others

By: Candace McKibben A number of years ago, my congregation that meets on Sunday evenings in my home decided we wanted to know more about other religions. Through my work with Big Bend Hospice, I have had the sacred privilege of getting to know persons from a number of different faith traditions. It has blessed […]

Remembering Bobby

By: Candace McKibben Memory at its best is faulty. Researchers and scientist tell us that our memory is not nearly as reliable as we imagine it is. Unlike a computer that will store data exactly as it is entered, what is stored in our memory is shaped by many factors and each time we recall […]

Remembering Birthdays

By: Candace McKibben At a recent training for caregivers of persons living with dementia, the presenter talked about what has come to be called “therapeutic fibbing.” In caring for your loved one with dementia, it is important to weigh the benefits and burdens of responding honestly to questions asked if the honest response is going […]

Remembering on Memorial Day

By: Anne Beaver I remember as a child being embarrassed when my parents would say of movies playing at the theater, “We are waiting for it to come out on television.” But as an adult, I adopted their philosophy and more. I rarely watch a movie anywhere, even on television. I hear from friends and […]

Monika Bedard – Why I Serve

By: Anne Beaver May 25, 2018 Monika Bedard has been a trained Big Bend Hospice Volunteer for more than 20 years. She has served as a greeter at Hospice House, provided respite for caregivers, and provided comfort when a patient’s death was imminent. She connects with each patient and family in a special way through […]

Graceful Connections

By: Candace McKibben It is not the sort of thing that has happened to me very often in my life; maybe only once before. But last year about this time, my husband and I met a lovely couple from Edinburgh, Scotland, at the Florida Hospice and Palliative Care Forum held annually in Orlando. Hospices from […]


By: Candace McKibben It was about a year ago now that my husband and I first started talking in earnest about walking in Scotland. He has been serious about it for years. It took hold for me when my dear friend from seminary, Kathy Berry, was here from Richmond to present at our Big Bend […]

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