Trained Volunteers

Screened and trained to provide support and companionship for patients and families. A volunteer can stay with a patient while a caregiver takes some personal time for themselves. Learn more […]

Certified Music Therapists

Help treat pain, anxiety, depression, and disorientation through the use of live music. Learn more about our complementary therapies here. […]

Bereavement Counselors

Offer assistance and support to family and friends before, during, and after their hospice experience. Services are also available to anyone in the community, including those who may not have […]

Spiritual Counselors

Help with the spiritual needs of patients and families as requested. Hospice serves people of all faiths, as well as those with no faith, respecting individual beliefs. […]

Social Workers

Offer support for the emotional, social and practical needs of the patient and their family. They coordinate community resources to help families solve personal and financial problems created by a […]

Hospice Aides

Provide personal care for the patient as determined in the plan of care, including bathing, grooming, changing bed linens and other light household tasks. Aides will report any changed in […]


Visit the patient according to the agreed upon care, managing the physical needs of the patient and providing care management. Nurses will also make certain that necessary medical supplies and […]

Hospice Physicians

Direct hospice services provided by the Care Team. They are responsible for the management of a patient’s terminal illness. […]

Personal Physicians

Can become part of the BBH Care Team if the patient wants to keep their own physicians. […]