Volunteer Opportunities

If you would like to learn more about Volunteering with Big Bend Hospice, contact Katie Mandell at (850) 878-5310 (Please remember to dial the area code even when calling local) or kcmandell@bigbendhospice.org

  • Patient/Family Volunteer Provides companionship to patients in their homes, in local nursing or assisted living facilities, or in our Hospice House. As a patient/family volunteer, you may run errands, transport a patient or caregiver to an appointment or to the stores, provide caregiver respite, prepare an easy meal, or simply provide a friendly conversation.
  • Vigil Volunteer Sits with patients and/or families during the final hours of life. A Vigil Volunteer is a presence, compassionate listener, still and quiet. They are an invited guest into a most sacred and personal transition. Their primary concern is the comfort of the patient.
  • Hospice House Volunteer Serves as a greeter, assists staff, and provides patient/family support.
  • Administrative Volunteer Uses data processing, computer, and office skills to assist administrative staff.
  • Valor Volunteer Honors our patients who served in the Armed Forces through Valor Ceremonies. Volunteers who also served can offer socialization and companionship as part of Vet-to-Vet visits.
  • Comfort Caller Makes weekly telephone calls to patients and caregivers to engage them in conversation and assess their needs. Requests are directed to the appropriate team manager.
  • Spiritual Support Volunteer Congregational leaders and ministerial professionals provide spiritual support to patients and families of all denominations.
  • Bereavement Volunteer Helps our bereavement staff make follow-up calls or mailings to family members after their loved one has died, helps counselors facilitate grief support groups, or volunteers at our annual children’s Grief Camp.
  • Voices of the Heart Volunteer Helps patients creatively document memories and stories as a legacy for their loved ones through various media.
  • Community Education Volunteer Represents Big Bend Hospice at health fairs and community events. They can also complete the Hospice 101 training that allows them to serve as a speaker.
  • Special Event Volunteer Assists our staff and our Foundation with fundraising and public relations events.
  • Thrift Store Volunteer Coming Soon! Helps with sorting, customer service, merchandising, product placements, cashier, woodworking, painting, restoring furniture, and staging in a fun environment

Advisory Council Member

Meets quarterly with fellow Council Members and discuss how to advocate for hospice services, recruit Volunteers, and connect to resources for hospice patients/families in their community.


To learn about our special partnership with the AmeriCorps Volunteer Member Program, visit https://bigbendhospice.org/americorps or contact Taylor Casper at tmcasper@bigbendhospice.org or call (850) 878-5310 (Please remember to dial the area code even when calling local).

Community Engagement Department Manager: Katie C Mandell | kcmandell@bigbendhospice.org