Volunteer Opportunities

If you would like to learn more about Volunteering with Big Bend Hospice, contact Katie Mandell at (850) 878-5310 (Please remember to dial the area code even when calling local) or kcmandell@bigbendhospice.org

  • Patient/Family Volunteer Provides companionship to patients in their homes, in local nursing or assisted living facilities, or in our Hospice House. As a patient/family volunteer, you may run errands, transport a patient or caregiver to an appointment or to the stores, provide caregiver respite, prepare an easy meal, or simply provide a friendly conversation.
  • Vigil Volunteer Sits with patients and/or families during the final hours of life. A Vigil Volunteer is a presence, compassionate listener, still and quiet. They are an invited guest into a most sacred and personal transition. Their primary concern is the comfort of the patient.
  • Hospice House Volunteer Serves as a greeter, assists staff, and provides patient/family support.
  • Administrative Volunteer Uses data processing, computer, and office skills to assist administrative staff.
  • Valor Volunteer Honors our patients who served in the Armed Forces through Valor Ceremonies. Volunteers who also served can offer socialization and companionship as part of Vet-to-Vet visits.
  • Comfort Caller Makes weekly telephone calls to patients and caregivers to engage them in conversation and assess their needs. Requests are directed to the appropriate team manager.
  • Spiritual Support Volunteer Congregational leaders and ministerial professionals provide spiritual support to patients and families of all denominations.
  • Bereavement Volunteer Helps our bereavement staff make follow-up calls or mailings to family members after their loved one has died, helps counselors facilitate grief support groups, or volunteers at our annual children’s Grief Camp.
  • Voices of the Heart Volunteer Helps patients creatively document memories and stories as a legacy for their loved ones through various media.
  • Community Education Volunteer Represents Big Bend Hospice at health fairs and community events. They can also complete the Hospice 101 training that allows them to serve as a speaker.
  • Special Event Volunteer Assists our staff and our Foundation with fundraising and public relations events.

Advisory Council Member

Meets quarterly with fellow Council Members and discuss how to advocate for hospice services, recruit Volunteers, and connect to resources for hospice patients/families in their community.


To learn about our special partnership with the AmeriCorps Volunteer Member Program, visit https://bigbendhospice.org/americorps or contact Taylor Casper at tmcasper@bigbendhospice.org or call (850) 878-5310 (Please remember to dial the area code even when calling local).

Community Engagement Department Manager: Katie C Mandell | kcmandell@bigbendhospice.org