First Commerce Center for Compassionate Care

Directions to the First Commerce Center for Compassionate Care

The First Commerce Center for Compassionate Care (FCCCC) is a peaceful inpatient hospice unit on the third floor of Tallahassee Memorial Hospital (TMH) that provides the comfort of home and the compassion of hospice for patients and families. 

The FCCCC is the second inpatient unit created by Big Bend Hospice. It complements our existing Margaret Z. Dozier Hospice House, which opened in 2000, on Mahan Center Boulevard. The Dozier House is a 12-bed facility that provides Respite Care, which is unavailable at the FCCCC. 

Note: Respite care and Routine levels of care are unavailable at the FCCCC.

Together, these units establish Big Bend Hospice as the only operator of inpatient hospice care across a region encompassing Franklin, Gadsden, Jefferson, Leon, Liberty, Madison, Taylor, and Wakulla counties.

How does the FCCCC differ from the care received at a hospital? 

While both hospice inpatient units and hospitals aim to provide comfort and medical support, hospitals prioritize treating active medical conditions. The FCCCC provides hospice care which focuses on relieving and managing pain, with a strong emphasis on providing comfort and quality of life instead of curing illness. 

What makes the FCCCC a home-like setting?  

The FCCCC was designed to be a homelike atmosphere to allow families to focus on what matters most – quality of life and time together. There are eight thoughtfully decorated patient rooms that support family members staying with their loved ones in a warm, homelike, comforting environment. The unit features a reflection room, communal kitchen, and spaces for family gatherings.

Where is hospice care typically provided? 

There is a misconception that hospice is a place where people receive end-of-life care; however, hospice care is given wherever the need exists. Over 80% of hospice care takes place in the home, often where patients and families feel most comfortable.  

When would a hospice patient visit the FCCCC versus remaining in care at home? 

When our patient’s end-of-life care needs start to exceed a family’s caregiving capability, the FCCCC provides short-term care to help a patient manage pain and control acute or chronic symptoms that cannot be managed at home.  

Do hospice patients have to be under the care of TMH or Big Bend Hospice to receive care at the FCCCC? 

No, the FCCCC is available to provide hospice care to all eligible patients whether those individuals come from home, a facility, or another hospital. A physician must order general inpatient care (GIP) for patients to be eligible for admission to the FCCCC. 

Who cares for patients at FCCCC?

Big Bend Hospice staffs the FCCCC with hospice-trained medical and support professionals. These staff members compassionately care for individuals who face serious symptoms that cannot be managed at home and support their families in this tranquil setting, we provide support for: 

  • Pain and other symptoms that require expert care around the clock. 
  • Patients’ and families’ emotional, spiritual, and practical needs. 
  • Plans for transitions in care depending on each situation. 
How do I pay for hospice care?

Services and care provided at the First Commerce Center for Compassionate Care are covered in full by Medicare, Medicaid and some private insurances. We work with families to determine any costs associated with a general inpatient stay.

Usually, there are no additional charges or co-payments billed to the patient. If charges do occur, thanks to the Big Bend Hospice Foundation and generous support from our community – no patient is ever refused care based on ability to pay.   

Big Bend Hospice and Tallahassee Memorial Healthcare: Providing a Continuum of Care

The FCCCC is a partnership between Big Bend Hospice and Tallahassee Memorial Healthcare. The FCCCC expands access to high-quality, end-of-life services for patients residing in our rural areas where healthcare gaps can challenge families. 

We are committed to creating models of care that improve quality of life and address needs across a person’s lifetime. That is why Big Bend Hospice partners with Tallahassee Memorial Healthcare. Together, we provide a continuum of care throughout our rural eight-county service area. We serve: 

  • Franklin County 
  • Gadsden County 
  • Jefferson County 
  • Leon County 
  • Liberty County 
  • Madison County 
  • Taylor County
  • Wakulla County  
Call about care at Big Bend Hospice 24/7. Our numbers are 850-878-5310 or toll free 800-772-5862.
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